Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 2 (weigh in)

So, just got back from the gym, and my routine was as follows:
  • 10 minutes/ XT at intervals.

Back ("Lats") :

Biangular Lat Row, 3 Sets (Magnum machine):
    • Set 1: 137.5lbs/13reps
    • Set 2: 200lbs/11reps
    • Set 3: 250lbs/8reps
T-Bar Row, 2 Sets (Icarian Machine):
    • Set 1: 90lbs/11reps
    • Set 2: 125lbs/6reps
Back Extensions, 2 Sets (Hammer Strength):

    • Set 1: 300lbs/20reps (this is the max that fits on the machine)
    • Set 2: 315lbs (with add'l plates stacked on top precariously, don't try this at home)/20reps
Lat Pulldown, 6 sets (alternating grips, no rest between alternate grips, Hammer Strength):

  • Set 1(Parallel Grip): 110lbs/13reps
    • Set 1(close grip): 50lbs/10reps
  • Set 2 (P-Grip): 120lbs/10reps
    • Set 2(C-Crip): 40lbs/10reps
  • Set 3 (P): 130lbs/6reps
    • Set 3 (C): 30lbs/20reps


No-rest-Curls (no rest between sets, alternating arms) 4 sets:
  • Set 1: 12lbs (each arm)/20reps
  • Set 2: 15lbs/20reps
  • Set 3: 20lbs/10reps
  • Set 4: 25lbs/6reps
Twenty-Ones (this is curls done with an easy bar, and is 3 sets of 7 reps, with no rest between sets. The first set extends from the low "at-rest" position to the midpoint; the second is 7 reps from midpoint to shoulders; final set is 7 full curls from shoulder-extreme to lower extreme):
  • 1 set: 45lbs/21reps

Then i high-tailed it out of there. tomorrow, I'll talk about a "vice-food." it's like your silver bullet, so you can indulge in it any time after the first 2 days.

I finished up eating for the day with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (with pinapple bits).

mmm... "before" pictures, coming monday.
didn't get to sauna sit today, but that doesn't mean a lot of this isn't water-weight. time to weigh in...brb

okay - just weighed

- 211.5-

even if it is water weight, 3.5lbs moved in 2 days isn't bad at all. no-way I'll maintain that pace, tomorrow, it gets fun (post-workout pain from yesterday, legs [AAARRGGH!] and Shoulders and abs)

~ Doc.

p.s. my feet need a serious man-pedicure.

they look like they belong to a hobbit.

Day 2 (weight update tonight)

For the purposes of my countable weight, I'll take the average of the night prior & the morning weights (to determine if I'm on pace for my goal), Incidentally, I haven't weighed myself today, as I haven't been to the gym; I did eat though:

  • 1 12" Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki, on honey-oat bread (16g fat, 640 cal.)
  • some water
  • a piece of dentyne ice (i like to switch it up)
So I'll hit up the 8 minute abs before i leave for the gym, and tonight's plan is Back & Biceps.

~ Doc.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Day 1(ish) before bed...

just a weight update, man I can't sleep. Good thing I'm not a surgeon. :-P

212.5 lbs. Mostly it goes to show, that a lot of the weight is and will be water-weight.

Mission Accomplished, here i come.

Day 1: Post-workout #2


so, I just arrived home from the gym. did a quick little warm-up lap, and 45 minutes of Cardio on the cross-trainer (xt):

Cardio (interval-training):

So I did it like this -
  • 5 minutes @ level 17(out of 20)
  • 2 minutes @ level 19(out of 20)
  • 1 minute @ level 20(out of 20)
  • 1 minute @ level 17
  • 2 minutes @ level 19
  • 1 minute @ level 20
  • 1 minute @ level 17
  • 2 minutes @ level 19
  • 1 minute @ level 20
  • 1 minute @ level 17
  • 2 minutes @ level 19
  • 1 minute @ level 20
  • 1 minute @ level 17
  • 2 minutes @ level 19
  • 1 minute @ level 20
  • 3 minutes @ level 17 (cool-down)
Then, I walked a few laps around the track, and did a little hoppy-skippy-jumpy back on to the XT:

  • 5 minutes @ level 17(out of 20)
  • 2 minutes @ level 19(out of 20)
  • 1 minute @ level 20(out of 20)
  • 1 minute @ level 17
  • 2 minutes @ level 19
  • 1 minute @ level 20
  • 1 minute @ level 17
  • 2 minutes @ level 19
  • 1 minute @ level 20
  • 1 minute @ level 17

That's interval training; it burns roughly the same calories during the workout, but more continuous calories (higher resting metabolic rate) after. Get it?

Oh - my (rough estimate) gross caloric intake today is approx. 350 calories.

this includes:
  • 8oz. of juice (for to take with the Creatine)
  • approx. 5oz. Chicken (not skineless, grilled)
  • stick of gum
My caloric output was at LEAST:

  • 750 for 45 minutes interval cardio
  • 100 for warm-up cardio (see earlier post-workout)
plus what I burned during and after the Chest/Triceps workout.

so I'm at least 500 calories in the red - which is a few things:

a. Clinical Anorexia
b. Awesome
c. Just where I want to be

aside from raising my metabolic rate through excercise and healthier (and certainly, going forward, there is a more orthodox diet than gum & chicken) eating, if i can stay behind myself by 500 calories a day, I will lose at LEAST 1lb/week for the next 6 weeks.

let's stay tuned, shall we?

See you in the a-m.

~ Doc.

Day 1. post-gym.

Before I get into what i did at the gym, the end goal of this is to weigh approx. 180lbs (81kg) - +/- 5lbs by Thursday, October 19th. Preferably at roughly 13% bodyfat. Right now, my numbers are 216lbs, with probably about 18-19% bodyfat, which is gross.

back-to-it: I went to the gym. Did the following workout:


3 minutes on the cross trainer @ level 18; 2 minutes @ level 20 (out of 20).

Chest :

3 sets pectoral flies on the fly/rear delt machine

  • set 1: 105lbs/13reps
  • set 2: 135lbs/10reps
  • set 3: 165lbs/8 reps
3 sets incline dumbell press

  • set 1: 80lbs/12reps
  • set 2: 90lbs/10reps
  • set 3: 100lbs/6reps
2 sets decline chest press, Hammer Strength

  • set 1: 90lbs/12reps
  • set 2: 125lbs/10 reps
3 sets lower cable flies

  • set 1: 70lbs/12reps
  • set 2: 80lbs/10reps
  • set 3: 100lbs/6reps


3 sets dips

  • set 1: 10reps
  • set 2: 10reps
  • set 3: 10reps
3 sets rope pull-downs

  • set 1: 45lbs/13reps
  • set 2: 55lbs/10reps
  • set 3: 65lbs/8reps

15 minutes or so in the sauna for the end of workout treatment -

didn't really do a terribly thorough triceps workout, but i definitely felt it, so that's good. moreover, this is day one.

so far I've eaten:

a stick of dentyne fire chewing gum... yummy.

I certainly need to eat something else, but that's a "we'll see."

If you're following along, you'll probably feel like you're having a heart-attack tomorrow. don't fret - it's just your chest from the workout.

I'll be doing some cardio tonight. details on that later.

I'm adjusting the sidebar to list supplements I'm taking, very basic stuff, and stuff I've used for years that works well.

I'll also put a widget or something in there that shows my goal and how far I am from it.

until later

~ Doc.

Day 1. 216 lbs (approx. 97 KG)

I woke up this morning, after a day of hearty enjoyment from Labor Day cookouts, and confirmed what I suspected immediately following my trip to Las Vegas:

I'm getting fat.

In June of 2006, I weighed 195lbs, give or take.

Now, as the title suggests I'm up at 216. more than 20 lbs heavier.

which is awful.

I've actually considered suicide doing something like this for a while. I'm a doctor, so it's very hypocritical for me to suggest you get into shape even while I don't.

Now, first, I don't want you to take this as advice. What I'm going to do is not a diet per se. it's an experiment in discipline, and it's mainly to show what can be achieved in 45 days with the proper motivation.

Starting now, I'll be logging my workout scale, my diet regimen, what I'm drinking, et al.

I don't encourage you trying this, but if you've tried everything else, maybe this will give you some inkling on how to talk to your physician.

First things first, I'm headed to the gym. update when I return.

~ Doc.