Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day 2 (weigh in)

So, just got back from the gym, and my routine was as follows:
  • 10 minutes/ XT at intervals.

Back ("Lats") :

Biangular Lat Row, 3 Sets (Magnum machine):
    • Set 1: 137.5lbs/13reps
    • Set 2: 200lbs/11reps
    • Set 3: 250lbs/8reps
T-Bar Row, 2 Sets (Icarian Machine):
    • Set 1: 90lbs/11reps
    • Set 2: 125lbs/6reps
Back Extensions, 2 Sets (Hammer Strength):

    • Set 1: 300lbs/20reps (this is the max that fits on the machine)
    • Set 2: 315lbs (with add'l plates stacked on top precariously, don't try this at home)/20reps
Lat Pulldown, 6 sets (alternating grips, no rest between alternate grips, Hammer Strength):

  • Set 1(Parallel Grip): 110lbs/13reps
    • Set 1(close grip): 50lbs/10reps
  • Set 2 (P-Grip): 120lbs/10reps
    • Set 2(C-Crip): 40lbs/10reps
  • Set 3 (P): 130lbs/6reps
    • Set 3 (C): 30lbs/20reps


No-rest-Curls (no rest between sets, alternating arms) 4 sets:
  • Set 1: 12lbs (each arm)/20reps
  • Set 2: 15lbs/20reps
  • Set 3: 20lbs/10reps
  • Set 4: 25lbs/6reps
Twenty-Ones (this is curls done with an easy bar, and is 3 sets of 7 reps, with no rest between sets. The first set extends from the low "at-rest" position to the midpoint; the second is 7 reps from midpoint to shoulders; final set is 7 full curls from shoulder-extreme to lower extreme):
  • 1 set: 45lbs/21reps

Then i high-tailed it out of there. tomorrow, I'll talk about a "vice-food." it's like your silver bullet, so you can indulge in it any time after the first 2 days.

I finished up eating for the day with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (with pinapple bits).

mmm... "before" pictures, coming monday.
didn't get to sauna sit today, but that doesn't mean a lot of this isn't water-weight. time to weigh in...brb

okay - just weighed

- 211.5-

even if it is water weight, 3.5lbs moved in 2 days isn't bad at all. no-way I'll maintain that pace, tomorrow, it gets fun (post-workout pain from yesterday, legs [AAARRGGH!] and Shoulders and abs)

~ Doc.

p.s. my feet need a serious man-pedicure.

they look like they belong to a hobbit.


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